The Strategy Consultant

Advanced Management Skills

Advanced Management Skills


Interested in corporate & competitive strategy? This high impact 3-Day course led by a seasoned strategy consultant is designed to demystify the strategy consulting process and add major value to your career. This programme is relevant to both internal and external consultants and leads to professional consulting qualifications.


Organisations can only create shareholder and stakeholder value if they have effective competitive and corporate strategies. This 3-Day course is designed to give you the tools, techniques and frameworks needed to develop best of class strategies for your organisation and clients.

Day 1. Competitive Strategy:
- How strategy consultants create value
- Competitive strategy consulting models
- Business unit research & analysis
- Mapping the competitive environment
- Market segmentation tools & techniques
- Competitor research & analysis
- Innovation and competitive strategy
- Strategy selection and implementation
- The future of competitive strategy

Day 2. Corporate Strategy:
- Core principles of corporate strategy
- Corporate strategy consulting model
- Business portfolio research & analysis
- Core competences
- Parenting advantage
- Innovation and corporate strategy
- Leadership of strategy studies
- Strategy in public / voluntary organisations
- The future of corporate strategy

Day 3. Value Governance:
- Strategy consulting surgery / masterclass
- Clientship and value governance
- Quality assurance of the strategy process
- Risk and the strategy consultant
- Strategic systems traps and pitfalls
- The ‘future proof’ organisation
- Professional certifications & qualifications
- Taking learning back into the workplace

NB Course structure and content are subject to ongoing improvement and change. Venue may be changed to another in the vicinity.

Dates Avaliable

19th - 21st




Course participants include: senior executives, internal consultants, external consultants, independent consultants, IT professionals, HR practitioners, facilities managers, finance professionals, project & programme managers, ex-military officers (we're ELCAS approved) and all scientific & technology professions.

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2705
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: The Strategy Consultant
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Cost: £1500 (Ex VAT)
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