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The Role of the Director and the Board

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Institute of Directors

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An essential introduction to the role, duties and legal responsibilities of a director and the workings of a board. Ideal for newly appointed directors, senior leaders aspiring to a position on the board and appointed directors looking for fresh insight.


This highly practical course provides you with an essential overview of the duties and legal responsibilities of a director and enables you to tackle the challenges of the boardroom with fresh confidence.

Designed by directors for directors, this programme spans over two days and will equip you with the right skills to perform your duties within the board. Exploring various case studies, you will come to fully grasp the director’s key legal responsibilities and develop a practical understanding of best practice in the boardroom. You will gain an insightful overview of corporate governance and be able to efficiently assess risk and manage stakeholders to act in your organisation’s best interests.

You will also have the opportunity to network with peers while progressing your career to the next level.

“The IoD courses have provided many directors with the knowledge and confidence which, together with their skills and experience, have enabled them to become better directors, thereby benefiting them personally and their companies.” George Bartlett, Course Leader

The course will provide you with the crucial skill set and knowledge to:

• Define the legal status of a company
• Understand the essential differences between direction, management and ownership
• Analyse the role of the board and identify good practice in the organisation and the running of a board
• Understand the roles directors play and key director relationships in different types of company and context
• Examine the board's corporate governance role
• Define the legal duties and liabilities of individual directors and the board
• Understand disclosure of information requirements and other associated legal requirements, as well as the law relating to directors and employees and other parties

This course unit is also part of the IoD Certificate in Company Direction and may be taken independently or as part of the qualification.

Dates Avaliable

16th - 17th



9th - 10th




This course is suitable for directors, senior executives and aspiring directors looking to gain in-depth understanding of their role and responsibilities.


  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2901
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: The Role of the Director and the Board
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Cost: £2700 (Ex VAT)
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