The Lean Operations Consultant

Advanced Management Skills

Advanced Management Skills


Interested in operational excellence? This high impact 3-Day course led by a seasoned lean operations consultant is designed to demystify the lean operations consulting process and add major value to your career. This programme is relevant to both internal and external consultants and leads to professional consulting qualifications.


Most organisations are riddled with inefficiencies and waste. Lean operations consulting skills gives the practicing manager and consultant the frameworks to help colleagues and clients visualise waste in their organisation and the tools to eliminate it and improve productivity.

Day 1. The Lean Operations Tool Box:
• Lean operations consultancy & client value
• Lean operations consulting model
• Systems thinking and customer value
• The lean toolbox – core tools & techniques
- Planning the lean operations study
- Identifying and eliminating waste
- Value stream / process mapping
- Optimising workplace ergonomics
- Mistake proofing business processes
- Single minute exchange of die
- Statistical process control
• Applying lean methods in practice

Day 2. Facilitation Skills:
• Building high performance teams
• Team selection and development
- Theory of team building
- Analytical tools for team building
- Team troubleshooting
• Facilitation skills:
- Practical team building exercises
- Resolving conflict
- Team based decision making
• Managing stress in consulting

Day 3. Lean Operations in Practice:
• Lean procurement
• The lean toolbox – advanced techniques
• Developing a lean value culture
• Taking learning back into the workplace

NB Course structure and content are subject to ongoing improvement and change. Venue may be changed to another in the vicinity.

Dates Avaliable

14th - 16th




Course participants include: senior executives, internal consultants, external consultants, independent consultants, IT professionals, HR practitioners, facilities managers, finance professionals, project & programme managers, ex-military officers (we're ELCAS approved) and all scientific & technology professions.

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2705
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: The Lean Operations Consultant
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Cost: £1500 (Ex VAT)
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