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This Strategy & Performance Management course explores practical approaches to developing and implementing an operations strategy by aligning it with the business strategy then integrating operations processes with management process, support processes and projects designed to deliver a change. It develops a deeper understanding of performance management from a strategic perspective, covering the relationship between strategic and operational goals, targets and measures.
The course also covers how to identify the assets with the potential to create value, knowledge asset management as a growth driver. We combine these various aspects of management and leadership to develop an integrated view of strategic performance management. This is achieved by understanding the relationships between corporate strategy, business models, business strategies, functional strategies, and the management of risk, knowledge and projects.
Our evidence-based and highly practical approach to leadership and management helps executive managers to improve their ability to consider performance management from a strategic point of view.


The course provides an opportunity to build on your existing managerial skills, knowledge and experience. It includes a mixture of short theory explanations, group discussions, practical casework, exercises, presentations, video clips, problem- solving and feedback sessions to provide an interesting, varied and stimulating learning experience that suits a range of learning styles. Participants learn in an interactive workshop environment how to handle their director roles and responsibilities and achieve greater impact in their board work. The opportunity is given to address specific client situations in the form of individual yet anonymised case studies. The course leaders have extensive qualifications and experience working with clients in many industries on strategic management and corporate governance in emerging markets. Day 1 – Strategy execution problems and what to do about them. Day 2 – Strategy alignment and integration. Day 3 – Translating strategy into manageable action. Day 4 – Managing and improving strategy performance.

Dates Avaliable

12th - 15th




Have a responsibility to translate business strategy into operational strategies and plans then manage performance and deliver results or are accountable. Want a deeper understanding of the relationship between operational management and strategic management. Want to improve strategic alignment and develop a better performing organisation.


  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2173
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Strategy and Performance Management
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Cost: £2975 (Ex VAT)
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