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Strategic Marketing, Brand Management and Public Relations
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This course will enable you:
• To plan, implement and obtain the desired results from all Strategic Marketing and PR
• To obtain the highest return on investment (ROI) from the Strategic Marketing
• To create, promote, protect and manage the organisation’s brand, products and services
• To apply the appropriate approach, structures, methods and techniques of PR
• To fully utilise the rapidly changing media environment


Benefits of Strategic Marketing
• What is Strategic Marketing?
• Objectives and key elements of Strategic Marketing
• Importance, benefits and challenges of Strategic Marketing to your organisation
• Marketing positioning, market analysis and competitor evaluation
• The Marketing Mix - 4 Ps evolving into 7 Ps

Consumer and market research
• Advantages and disadvantages of 15 types of research
• Identify, analyse, segment and target appropriate markets according to common factors
• Create powerful, targeted and appropriate messages
• Maximise the mix of communication methods
• Behavioural economics and consumer behaviour theory in marketing

Brand Management
• What is a brand, its key characteristics and why do people buy a brand?
• Create, protect, enhance and maintain long-term brand value
• Evaluate and choose the most appropriate media and mix to promote the brand
• Defend your brand when it is under attack: top tips and traps to avoid
• Rebuild your brand after it has been undermined or discredited

Social media and multi-media
• Understanding the scope, power, complexity and immediacy
• Monitoring what is said, where and by whom
• Responding to feedback
• Pro-actively participating in social and multi-media
• Dos and don’ts

Issues and crises: PR to manage impact on the brand
• Anticipate potential sources of a crisis and mitigate the risks
• Appoint crisis leaders, teams and allocate resources required
• Create crisis plans for key eventualities
• Practise regularly for the crisis to minimise effect if it happens
• Case studies of impact on organisations of good and poor PR crisis management

Dates Avaliable

13th - 17th



17th - 21st




Directors of Marketing ; Marketing Managers ; Brand Directors ; Brand Managers ; Directors of Public Relations ; Senior Public Relations Managers ; Company Directors ; Senior Managers ; Advisors at Ministerial level in government departments; Advisors to Directors and top Managers; Owners or account directors

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2712
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Strategic Marketing, Brand Management and Public Relations
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Cost: £2507 (Ex VAT)
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