Human Resources Analytics – Level 1
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The course is designed to help you:
• To understand the reasoning behind predictive analytics and its benefits
• To explore various levels of analytics and their uses; showing the evolution of metrics into predictive analytics
• To learn about the predictive management model and the HCM:21 model
• To appreciate risk assessment as a fundamental part of modern human capital management
• To learn an evidence-based approach using advanced analytics in developing a collaborative workplace, and for selecting and motivating people
• To stay up-to-date with HR software development and options available
• To learn how to change HR service delivery into a value-generating process


Introduction to Predictive Analytics
• What is Analytics?
• Why is Analytics important?
• The value of insight
• The language of Metrics and Analytics
• Ascending the value ladder
• The power of Analytics
• The model of Predictive Management
• Case study

• The big picture and the value of Statistical Analytics
• The importance of Risk Assessments
• How to improve HR process
• The Employee Value Proposition
• Case study

Strategic choice and Advanced Analytics
• HCM practice choice and Advanced Analytics
• Business Intelligence alignment of HCM
• Decision science and implications of HCM decisions

Human Science and Selection decisions
• Optimising selection and promotion decisions
• Talent Acquisition and decisions analytics
• Biases and the selection decisions
• Application of Expert Intuition to selection and promotion decisions
• Predictive modelling and selections decisions
• Applied Econometrics and Machine Learning Techniques

Human Science and Incentives
• Incentive Contracts
• Complexity Theory and
• Incentive Contracts
• The application of Expert Intuition to incentive and motivation issues
• Predictive Modelling and Incentive Contracts
• Case study

Dates Avaliable

23rd - 27th



19th - 23rd




Human Resources Directors and other HR professionals


  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2712
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Human Resources Analytics – Level 1
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Cost: £2507 (Ex VAT)
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