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Corporate Social Responsibility – Level 2
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This course trains you:
• To describe how Corporate Social Responsibility is important in the public and private sectors
• To develop and Improve their community relations activities
• To interpret the impact of CSR on the reputation of the organisation
• To plan, Initiate or improve CSR programmes
• To report on their sustainability programmes


The Significance and Relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility
• What is the scope of CSR?
• Who is involved? - CSR stakeholders
• What are the risks of ignoring corporate social responsibilities?
• Comparing the roles of Public and Private Organisations in CSR
• Is CSR "Just Good Public Relations"?

Sustainability in Purchasing
• Managing a responsible Supply Chain
• The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code
• Combating child labour in manufacturing
• Controlling contractor abuses in construction
• Maintaining ethical standards
• Diversity in the supply chain
• Conflict minerals policies

Community Relations and Environmental Sustainability
• Working effectively with host communities
• Managing sensitive issues including payments and relocation
• Building successful community projects
• Assessing social and environmental risk
• Managing operations sustainably
• Case studies on community relations

CSR Standards and Reporting
• Sustainability Reporting frameworks
• The Global Reporting Initiative
• UN Global Compact
• International Labour Organisation instruments
• ISO 26000
• How to report your CSR progress
• Model examples and class exercise using GRI Sustainability Reporting

CSR Perspectives
• The politics of CSR
• Creating shared value
• Ethical consumerism
• “Greenwashing”
• CSR and tax avoidance
• Applying Corporate Social Responsibility in non-corporate organisations
• Future requirements for corporate responsibility

Dates Avaliable

10th - 14th



10th - 14th




Corporate Affairs managers and officers ; CSR managers and officers ; Corporate strategists ; Community Relations managers and officers ; HR, Administration and Environmental managers ; Project managers ; Communications managers

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2712
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Corporate Social Responsibility – Level 2
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Cost: £2507 (Ex VAT)
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