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Network+ is the entry-level certification for networking technicians. Skills and subjects covered within the
modules include network devices and connectivity, cabling, networking software, network topologies,
protocols and many more. Network+ technicians have the understanding to successfully implement an
internetwork into an organisation according to the corporate needs.

The CISM course is designed to provide the student with all the knowledge they require to gain the CISM qualification. Candidates will be exposed to 4 domains and cover each of the domains in depth.


CompTIA Network+

Module 1 – Topologies and Infrastructure
Topologies and the OSI Model
Hubs, Bridges and Switches
Infrastructure and Design

Module 2 – Addressing and Routing
Internet Protocol
IPv4 Addressing
IPv6 Addressing

Module 3 – Troubleshooting and Management
Transport Protocols
Name Resolution
Applications and Services
Management and Monitoring
Cloud and Virtualisation

Module 4 – Installation
Network Sites
Installing Cable
Installing Wireless Networks
WAN Technologies
Installing Remote Access Links

Module 5 – Security
Vulnerabilities and Threats
Security Appliances
Incident Response
Change and Configuration Management

Numerous Labs will be carried out throughout the week to enhance understanding of certain objectives

Chapter 1 –
• Information Security Governance
• Effective Information Security Governance
• Governance of Third-party Relationships
• Information Security Governance Metrics
• Information Security Strategy
• Developing an information security strategy
• Determining Current state of security
• Information Security Strategy Development
• Strategy resources
• Strategy constraints
• Action plan to implement strategy

Chapter 2 –
• Risk Management strategy
• Effective information risk management
• Information risk management concepts
• Implementing rick management
• Risk management and analysis methodologies
• Information resource valuation
• Recovery time
• Integration with life cycle processes
• Security control baselines
• Risk monitoring and communication
• Training and awareness

Chapter 3 –
• Information security Program
• Scope and charter of an information security program
• The information security management framework
• Defining an information security program road map
• Information security infrastructure and architectures
• Architecture implementation
• Security program management and administrative activities
• Security program services and operational activities
• Controls and countermeasures
• Security program metrics and monitoring
• Common information security program challenges

Chapter 4 –
• Incident response procedures
• Incident management
• Incident management metrics and indicators
• Defining incident management procedures
• Current state of incident response capability
• Developing an incident response plan
• Business continuity and disaster recovery procedures
• Testing procedures
• Executing plans
• Post incident activities and investigation

Dates Avaliable

30th - 2nd

July - August


8th - 11th



17th - 20th




For experienced Information Security Managers or those wishing to venture into Information Security Management

CompTIA Network+ - Candidates should have basic PC skills, including basic PC navigation, mouse and keyboard skills and general understanding of the point and click mouse concept. No previous experience or certification is necessary as this is an entry level certification. CISM - Delegates should be well versed in information systems technologies used within computing, infrastructure and security. Further background and experience may be required to take the exam.



  • Location: Plymouth
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2957
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: CompTIA Network+ & CISM
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Cost: £2500 (Ex VAT)
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