Alternative Dispute Resolution
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This course will enable you:
• To describe alternative methods of resolving commercial disputes
• To distinguish between forms of ADR that give a binding decision and others that facilitate agreement between the parties
• To evaluate strategies for resolving conflict
• To prepare their organisation to participate in a dispute resolution process
• To plan a negotiation, including considering contingencies in the event of failure
• To apply negotiation techniques to typical commercial disputes
• To appreciate the appropriateness of different behavioural styles of negotiation
• To consider the merits of using an intermediary to facilitate a win-win result
• To manage conflict through a negotiated approach
• To achieve good outcomes to resolve contract disputes


Introduction to Dispute Resolution
• Typical Causes of commercial disputes
• Common legal remedies from court action
• Do we want an enforceable court judgment?
• Litigation strengths and weaknesses
• Considering ADR contract mechanisms – tiered clauses
• Jurisdiction and applicable law issues
• Dispute case studies and exercises

• Arbitration principles
• When is arbitration appropriate?
• Selecting and appointing the arbitrator and the forum
• Strengths and weaknesses of arbitration
• What happens if we lose?
• Recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards
• Arbitration variants
o Pendulum arbitration
o Med/Arb and Arb/Med
• Class exercise: Preparing for arbitration

Negotiating solutions to disputes
• Conflict management styles
• Distributive and integrative negotiation
• Building relationships to improve success
• BATNA – What’s my Plan B?
• Negotiation phases
• Using “the third side” in negotiation
• Class exercise: Negotiation preparation and role play

• Mediation fundamentals
• Facilitated negotiation and neutral intermediaries
• Appointing and Working with a mediator
• Process and Stages of a mediation
• Reaching a settlement agreement
• Class exercise: Mediating a dispute

Other Dispute Resolution mechanisms
• What are the other choices and when might we use them?
• Conciliation
• Settlement conference
• Expert determination
• Neutral evaluation
• Dispute Review Boards
• Course summary and final exercises

Dates Avaliable

20th - 24th



10th - 14th




Legal managers; Finance managers; Commercial managers; Claims managers; Supply Chain, Procurement and Purchasing Managers; Contract Managers, Engineers and Analysts

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  • Location: London
  • Telephone: 0333 443 2712
  • Residential: No
  • Course Title: Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Cost: £2507 (Ex VAT)
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